Death Penalty Singapore-Style: Clinical and Carefree

by Assoc. Prof. TEY Tsun Hang


Singapore has developed a jurisprudence that death penalty and capital proceedings are no different from other minor criminal proceedings. Instead of scrutinising criminal legislation on their substantive fairness, the courts have instead consistently restricted their adjudicative function to one of procedural assessment. In so doing, formalistic and textualist techniques are employed to achieve crime control ends at considerable expense of due process. This paper seeks to discuss the jurisprudence that has been moulded, and examines how much it has deviated from other Commonwealth jurisprudence.


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  • FeArlEss  On July 28, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    i would venture to say that prof tey’s piece on death penalty (published internationally) has created awareness and shamed pap govt enough that they have had to review and change the mandatory death sentencing. it’s a shame that it takes a 1stworld spore so long to move on, in recognosing the value of human life. it’s even more silly that all these so-called top scholar govt ministers can’t read research reports saying that death penalty has no deterrent effect on drug trafficking!!!

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